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Monday, February 06, 2006

Friends or Strangers?

Hi ya and welcome back! It’s been a day or two without me having the chance to fill up my blogsite but today, I’ve vowed that I’d write something down so I can share my thoughts with you. So here it goes …

On my recent day off from work ( I hate Sundays because the next day is a Monday and I loathe Monday ), I had the opportunity to go for my mandatory at-least-once-a-year corn popping experience at the local cinema with a friend, although the only corn I popped was into my mouth and not kernels in a popcorn machine. I was given a choice of a few movies to watch; namely Long-Khong or The Descent. The former having being sold out, I was given no choice but to opt for The Descent. So there we were, lining up at the mile long queue waiting to buy or tickets and keeping our fingers crossed that the tickets wouldn’t sell out once we reach the counter. 15 minutes passed and we were still queuing up. Didn’t take my eyes of the NOW SHOWING screen as I patiently monitored the progress of the ticket selling for the movie we wanted to watch. At last, came our turn and luckily, we got the last few seats for the movie. It was the second row but that really didn’t matter as I wanted to watch the movie so badly.

After getting the tickets and having a puff or two ( I don’t smoke but my friend does), we finally dragged ourselves to the refreshment counter and got a small popcorn and two drinks. Got into the movie theatre and tucked ourselves into the seats. Movie started 15 minutes later as advertisements were shown first. Then the moment came … the movie finally started. So we watched … and watched and screamed and got startled and got annoyed at the guy behind us projecting what might happen next in a voice where the people of Uruguay can hear and the movie ended about two hours later. I’m not going to tell you what the synopsis of the movie is (really, Faikay???) but what I do want to share are what happened throughout the film.

A group of six girls went cave exploring and found out they were lost when the group leader admitted she brought them all to a different cave hoping they’ll create history by uncovering a new one. Hey … that kinda sounds like a synopsis, doesn’t it? Anyway, what she did actually put her other 5 friends in a terrifying experience that later lead to their death(s). So, the question here is whether we would do the same in order to gain fame and at the same time jeopardize the lives of our friends. Would we actually stand up to our ego and not letting the people we love that something is extremely wrong at the very beginning? Would being well-known enough a reason to danger and take the lives of the people we love? And if we were one of the girls, would we ever forgive ourselves for getting into the mess although at first, we do not want to continue with it but for the sake of friendship, keep on playing to the beat? I’d really love to hear what anyone has to say about this. It can be an interesting topic of conversation or it could bore you to death. What ever you feel about it, I leave it for you to decide …