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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


CCRA, Ghana - Tourists and scientists were gathering at spots around the world for the first total eclipse in years, a solar show that will sweep northeast from Brazil to Mongolia and blot out the sun across swathes of the world's poorest lands.

The last such eclipse in November 2003 was most visible from Antarctica, said Alex Young, a
NASA scientist involved in solar research.

Wednesday's eclipse will block the sun in highly populated areas, including West Africa.

In Togo, authorities imported hundreds of thousands of pairs of special glasses that consumers cleared rapidly from shelves in the capital, Lome. Villagers in the interior will not have access to the eyewear and officials called on them to stay home.

"Please, do not go out and keep your children indoors on solar eclipse day," Togo's minister for health said in a message broadcast on state television.

Day will turn to night in the eclipse's route and a corona — the usually invisible extended atmosphere of the sun — will glow around the edges of the moon as it comes between the earth and the sun.

"Imagine if your hair was to stand up from static electricity, that's kind of what the corona looks like all around the sun," NASA's Young said. But the corona's light can burn eyes.

In Ghana, where the effect will be particularly visible, people were spending about $1 for "solar shades" — paper-rimmed glasses with dark plastic lenses that resemble eyewear used for viewing three-dimensional movies.

NASA said Turkey will be the best spot to view the eclipse, and tens of thousands of tourists were expected along the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Astronomers from NASA and Britain's Royal Institute of Astronomy were also going to an ancient Roman amphitheater in Turkey to view the phenomenon.

The moon is expected to first begin blocking out the sun in the morning in Brazil before the eclipse migrates to Africa, then on to Turkey and up into Mongolia, where it will fade out with the sunset.

Superstition will follow around the world, as it has for generations.

One Indian paper advised pregnant women not to go outside during the eclipse to avoid having a blind baby or one with a cleft lip. Food cooked before the eclipse should be thrown out afterward because it will be impure and those who are holding a knife or ax during the eclipse will cut themselves, the Hindustan Times added.

Total eclipses are rare because they require the tilted orbits of the sun, moon and earth to line up exactly so that the moon obscures the sun completely. The next total eclipse will occur in 2008.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tak Bisakah - Peterpan

hatiku bimbang namun tetap pikirkanmu
selalu slalu dalam hatikuku
melangkah sejauh apapun itu
selalu kau di dalam hatiku

kuberjalan berjalan memutar waktu
berharap temukan sisa hatimu
mengertilah kuingin engkau begitu
mengerti kau di dalam hatiku

tak bisakah kau menungguku
hingga nanti tetap menunggu
tak bisakah kau menuntunku
menemani dalam hidupku

tak ada kau mencari hidupku
kemana kau tau isi hatiku
kutunggu sejenak aku disitu
jalanku jalan menemukanmu


I was at the hospital last week and progress of my kidney stones ... 2 cm! Not much progress in sense of reduction but I've been told it's a transluscent stone formed from the huge amount of uric acid in my blood. Am on a purine free diet and another date with the radiologist in September to monitor the stone progress.

A word of advise, relieve yourself from time to time and comsume tons of water. It's good for you as it cleanses your kidneys :)

Take care all!

Lost my phone ... uhuk ... uhuk

It's official ... no, not that Malaysia didn't make it to the top 5 in the Commonwealth Games recently held in Melbourne ( 6 wouldn't be bad either )

I lost my phone, my sleek, silver, Samsung flip phone. I think it was taken while I was at the office. I remember leaving it on my desk and going to the loo for a whizz ... but when I came back, it wasn't on my desk anymore.

So, I lost my phone. Am I going to be bitter of the fact that I lost my phone? I'M MORTALLY WOUNDED!!! Nah ... can't be bothered but I am concdrned of the fact that I also lost the hundreds of numbers I have saved in my 128K Sim Card. So what am I going to do about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I'll save the numbers when the calls come in. In the meantime, any of you there who thinks I might have lost your number, call or text me at the same number ok :)


Friday, March 03, 2006

Day off today!!! Yipee ... (not) :(

Today was supposed to be my day off because I had something planned for the weekend with someone. Unfortunately, my boss is away and I have to make sure that things in the office are running smoothly ... DAMN IT!!!!!

Anyway, what I'm wearing today:

  • My glasses
  • Pin stripe long sleeve shirt ( Yellow, Blue and White )
  • Orange Tie
  • Tie bar
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Shoes
  • Black Socks
  • My Tissot
  • Acqua di Gio
  • Thumb ring
  • And a smile on my face as always


My PC's Wallpaper

Fantastic ain't it? Just remarkable :)