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Monday, July 24, 2006


Believe it or not, this is how I feel now ... ------->

All smiling and laughing. Why do I feel so? I dunno ... well, actually I do but if you've been reading my blog these days, I'm sure you must have figured out the answer. It's nice to be with someone again ... knowing that the person will be there in need. So, I don;t have to look for a shoulder to cry on anymore. I've one already. It's really awesome how two people can just fall for each other ... I guess I tripped and you-know-whom caught hold of me. Then, the twinkle in the eyes, the sweet smile and the story goes on and on. Hmm ... should I dedicate a song this time? nah ... been told that I'm a stereotype by doing so :) he heheh ... guess it's so much easier borrowing someone's poem than busting my brains out trying to make the words rhyme or keeping the rhythm. Wish my poetry lecturer would read this ... his name is Mr. Marshall and he's British. Taught me Introduction to poetry during my 2nd year in Matriculation and then there was also Dr. Jallal from Pakistan teaching me Poetry in my 1st year degree programme.

Been out of the office for the past 4 weeks, since I was assigned to Cambodia for the short meeting. Will only be in the office on Wednesday. Took a quick peek in my room just this morning and the mess on the floor! The memos, letters, periodicals etc etc ... Lotsa catching up to do. But I guess that wat you get for being away.

The picture was taken using my Motorola V3X and amazingly, the picture turned out beautiful. And it was taken in the cable car at Langkawi. Was there with a couple of my office mates. A meeting with our Indonesian counterparts. Was there for a week and now back at home.

Anyway ... nothing new to report to you except that there's a 5th rabbit in the cage that just appeared from nowhere. Will try to take their pics and post them here.

Take care all!

ps - I'm so in love!!!!