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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Guys Night Out ... A Listening and Speaking Course

Hehe ... Guys Night out ... only those who attended the last class got invites. However, Mohsin (thanks Muiz, for the correction) missed our class although he went looking. I found out that night and asked why they guys didn't drag him along. They said he was too shy. Well, next time.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Belgium ... Home to the famous Manneken Pis

After spending 2 nights in Paris at Benoit's apartment  ( Thanks for the great apartment, Ben!) we drove up to Brussels. Brussels  is just a 4 hours drive away from Paris and the view during the drive was just a sight to behold. Welcome to Brussels everyone. Enjoy your stay!

Twilight in Paris

A good 7 hours drive from Central London brought us to the home of one of Europe's famous landmark - the Eiffel Tower. Yes, I was in Paris! And how would I describe Paris? Paris is Paris ... no words nor phrases to truly describe this city of lights. With its delectable cuisine, high end fashion and numerous museums , Paris is a city that will keep you at awe.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Malaysian Hospitality Part 2

As the aircraft gracefully taxied out to Runway 32R for departure that day, we were all
given the finest of what Malaysian Hospitality has to offer. As I was in First Class and my sister and brothers were in Business Class, we were separated when the seat belt sign was on. However, we all managed to sample what has won Malaysia Airlines it's pride and kudos stripping the previous champion of its winning title "Skytrax World's Best Cabin Staff".

Anyway, as were were taxing to the runway, we were offered bottomless choices of cold beverages as well as a hot towel and that pleasant Malaysian warmth and grace. On board menus have been neatly tucked into the reading material compartment located in front of you. As it was a long taxi, I decided to study the Menu in First Class and immediately decided what I wanted for Lunch.

A view from the window in Business Class show the left wings and its 2 engines. See how the wings sag. Actually, all that force comes from the weight of the fuel its carrying in the tanks of those wings.

After a long and lengthy taxiing, we finally reached Runway 32R and was given clearance to depart immediately. The takeoff roll stater with the mild whining of the 4 Rolls Royce equipped to fly this bird halfway around the world nonstop. Around 3/4 of the length of the runway, the plane tiptoed and flew into the sky. Destination London Heathrow.

Again, at the window, the view of the KLIA highway can be seen. It was about 10.45 in the morning and not many cars can be seen that day.

The duration before the pilot took off the "Fasten Your Seatbelt" sign was a good 10 minutes or so. I guess he wanted to make sure that the bird was stable before allowing anyone to walk about the cabin. So off we flew some more escaping the Malaysian airspace.

While waiting for lunch to be served, the crew came round and took drinks order again. This time they came back with packets of peanuts for all to enjoy whilst waiting for the main meal.

In no time again, the cabin crew came round dressing tables for lunch. First up ... tender morsels of delicious Malaysian satay!!Yum Yum!

We were offered 3 sticks of beef and 3 stick of chicken satay complemented with Nasi Himpit, cooling cucumbers as well as Onion pieces. All topped up with that delectable peanut sauce only Malaysia Airlines knows how to make it best. It's consistency, taste, flavour lies probably in all that hours of boiling in the catering kitchen back in KLIA.

The food did stay long enough to be photographed but then gobbled relentlessly by my brother who was kind enough to camwhore with his food. Second rounds of satay were offered to all.

As we were all hapily gobbling what seems to be Malaysia's best satay, most of us started toying around with the IFE. All was on demand. That meant that you could start to watch the movie when and as you wish, puase, rewind etc all at the touch of a button at your fingertips. Here, you can see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" being aired.

As we finished our satay, the crew came to clear the table. Next offering was the appetizers!.

Appetizers today consisted of

"Dual of Balic Salmon and Marinated Scallop"
Served with Mango Relish,
Fine Leaf Lettuce and Fresh Lemon Wedge

Servings of your choice of bread(s) also took place and what was on offer consisted of Garlic (pictured), soft roll or wholemeal roll. Of course, Garlic will always be on our favorite list. A florette of butter was served to complement the warm bread(s). The salmon and Scallop were fresh at the taste and the mango relish added a tangy zing to the fine taste of the seafood. Neither tasted fishy and the lemon just did its trick by spritzing a dash of zest to the food.

Then came the main course. Most of us opted for:

"Lobster Thermidor with Creamy Lobster Sauce"
Complemented with Saffron rice and Glazed Zucchini.

The Creamy lobster sauce did miracles for this dish. The lobster was served in small pieces and not in a shell. However, that wasn't mush of an issue as you won't eat the lobster shell anyway. However, a spoonful of this dish and rice was heaven. Never did food taste so good in my mouth! The saffron rice was just right and it was very fluffy. Too bad the dish went down fast but it was sure worth it!

My brother's companion had the

"Deep Fried Chicken Thigh with Black Pepper Sauce"
Served with Chinese Fried Rice and Sauteed Vegetables

A small taste of it had me reminded of what had to be one of the best black pepper chicken had in years. The Chinese Fried Rice did justice to it and the sauteed vegetables were just done. Still crunchy to the bite.

After we managed to finish everything, the cabin crew cleared the table once more and offered desserts. I had the Bread and Butter Pudding with Vanilla Sauce. According to one of the crew on board, this particular dessert has just been featured on the menu. So, they were eager to know what we all though of it. They got the idea when the collected the dessert plate clean!

We were then offered coffee and tea and finally we were free to watch, listen walk about or just sleep for the remaining part of the journey - or until the next meal call.

In between meals, Malaysia Airlines offers hot noodles, a selection of sandwiches and cheeses and crackers as well as chocolate bars and fresh fruits. All put at a neat corner of the cabin where passengers are free to raid the larder should one feel hungry.

The next meal time was about 3 hours before landing. A light meal was served.

As it was just a light meal, once the tables were dressed, we were given a tray consisting a bowl of fresh fruits as well as the appetizer featuring:

"Spiced Chicken Salad"
On a bed of Fine Lettuce Leaf, Mushroom Salad, Orange and Onion Ring

There was a melting pot of taste all together. The chicken was spiced and the mushroom had a very strong taste. However, the orange gave its sweetness somewhat a special fusion and aroma to the whole dish.

The main course pictured here is the

"Stewed seafood with Saffron Sauce"
Simmered prawns, squid and fish in Saffron Sauce
Served with Tagliatelle Pasta, Snap Peas and Carrot

Once again, the seafood was fresh to say the least. No fishy taste and the pasta was just the perfect complement to the dish. Vegetables were cooked to perfection and the meal was just superb.

If you fancy a Malaysian fare, you can opt for this dish

"Hainanese Chicken Rice"
Served with Roasted Chicken, Pak Choy, Carrot,
Enhanced with Soya Sauce and Chilli Ginger

Yes, the Nasi Ayam you get around the country is also featured on board one of Malaysia Airlines' flight. I was actually surprised seeing the dish ACTUALLY being served with that humble soy and chilli sauce separately. The taste of the roast chicken was good. Roasted to perfection and the fluffy rice was aby chicken rice lover's dream come true.

Like I said, I was in First Class but my brotehr had the camera and he was in Business Class. Had I the came at hand, you would've sampled First Class Menu. Honestly, there wasn't much difference but you would have to fly First Class to sample it yourself.

Hope you've enjoyed this.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


You might have heard of the Roman Bath in England. It's healing waters have brought people all over the country to sample it. However, outside the bath lies a beautiful city. An eye opener only one can experience once one has sampled the city oneself!

Upon arrival in Bath, took a picture of the lovely garden. The sun was shining and everyone was having a glorious time!

And the streets of Bath. At different parts, the streets are actually cobbled stones in the ground.

The walls of the famed Roman Bath.

Pulteney Bridge. Seeing isn't always believing.

Pulteney Bridge from another angle. Told you looks can be deceiving.

In front of the Bath Abbey - marvelous architecture!

Then it's time for some grub. Forget the sarnies. Lemme have em fish and chips in true British style!

After lunch, we walked up to the Jane Austen Center only to learn that it has just closed for the day. Shucks! Too bad because I was hoping to get some Jane Austen stuff.

However, we continue our walk up to the Circus.

And of course, we wouldn't want to miss visiting the Cresent. If you have watched the Duchess, you'll remember this scenery from the movie where the were playing Polo on horses.

Starfishing away!

And trying to look like a complete fool .. but the ground was ... ooh ... so comfy.

Then, the three of us decided to have headshots. This is the outcome. Not bad eh?

And of course, a doze before we head back to London. Bath is truly amazing. If you're anywhere near Bath, please take the time to visit. You'll fall in love with the city instantly.