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Saturday, October 14, 2006

What should I write about ?

Hello again and welcome to my blogsite. Before I continue, I would like to wish all my muslim counterparts Eid Mubarak and happy fasting. It's coming to and end soon and I am sure many of us out there are preparing for the joyous festival that we all await once a year.

So, here I am again blogging again .. dunno really what to write about. I mean I've a zillion thing to say but what would the most meaningful be? What if I talked about the new version of Flight Simulator. So, all you FS fans out there, dunno whether you are aware or not, Microsoft has finally come up with a newer version of Flight Simulator.

I used to remember the good old days of flight simming. I mean I was only 8 - 9 at that time and the computer we owned that time was the best the world had to offer. It was a TANDY .. dunno whether you've heard of it but that's what we owned in Canada ( year 1988 ). I could still remember the only plane you could fly was just a cessna on a green monitor. graphics were very scarce that time but the flying experience sure had me stuck on the computer for a long long time.

Then there was FS 95 ... not too bad until FS98 came along. I thought the latter was great and then MS came out with FS 2000, had me simming again, then fs2002 WHICH I didn't like very much because my PC couldn't cope with it. And finally, there was FS2004 ... which I truly am addicted to. I've downloaded many planes, airports, scenery and stuff so that my simming experience would be ( as MS says it ... as real as it gets ).

However, there were no new versions of FS in 2005 and in 2006, whic is coming to and end, MS has finally released a better version called Flight Simulator X.

There you go guys, better graphics, relaistic airport setting, crowded skies, traffic, airport vehicles, ships, boats ... all you can think of. Check out the site at

I'm sure you'll be fascinated. Well, I am and can't wait for it to be released here in Malaysia. If any of you out there have tried it, give us a picture of what you think. I'm sure we'll love ure experience.

In the meanwhile, take care all and happy simming!

Capt. Khairul