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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tak Bisakah - Peterpan

hatiku bimbang namun tetap pikirkanmu
selalu slalu dalam hatikuku
melangkah sejauh apapun itu
selalu kau di dalam hatiku

kuberjalan berjalan memutar waktu
berharap temukan sisa hatimu
mengertilah kuingin engkau begitu
mengerti kau di dalam hatiku

tak bisakah kau menungguku
hingga nanti tetap menunggu
tak bisakah kau menuntunku
menemani dalam hidupku

tak ada kau mencari hidupku
kemana kau tau isi hatiku
kutunggu sejenak aku disitu
jalanku jalan menemukanmu


I was at the hospital last week and progress of my kidney stones ... 2 cm! Not much progress in sense of reduction but I've been told it's a transluscent stone formed from the huge amount of uric acid in my blood. Am on a purine free diet and another date with the radiologist in September to monitor the stone progress.

A word of advise, relieve yourself from time to time and comsume tons of water. It's good for you as it cleanses your kidneys :)

Take care all!

Lost my phone ... uhuk ... uhuk

It's official ... no, not that Malaysia didn't make it to the top 5 in the Commonwealth Games recently held in Melbourne ( 6 wouldn't be bad either )

I lost my phone, my sleek, silver, Samsung flip phone. I think it was taken while I was at the office. I remember leaving it on my desk and going to the loo for a whizz ... but when I came back, it wasn't on my desk anymore.

So, I lost my phone. Am I going to be bitter of the fact that I lost my phone? I'M MORTALLY WOUNDED!!! Nah ... can't be bothered but I am concdrned of the fact that I also lost the hundreds of numbers I have saved in my 128K Sim Card. So what am I going to do about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

I'll save the numbers when the calls come in. In the meantime, any of you there who thinks I might have lost your number, call or text me at the same number ok :)