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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


You might have heard of the Roman Bath in England. It's healing waters have brought people all over the country to sample it. However, outside the bath lies a beautiful city. An eye opener only one can experience once one has sampled the city oneself!

Upon arrival in Bath, took a picture of the lovely garden. The sun was shining and everyone was having a glorious time!

And the streets of Bath. At different parts, the streets are actually cobbled stones in the ground.

The walls of the famed Roman Bath.

Pulteney Bridge. Seeing isn't always believing.

Pulteney Bridge from another angle. Told you looks can be deceiving.

In front of the Bath Abbey - marvelous architecture!

Then it's time for some grub. Forget the sarnies. Lemme have em fish and chips in true British style!

After lunch, we walked up to the Jane Austen Center only to learn that it has just closed for the day. Shucks! Too bad because I was hoping to get some Jane Austen stuff.

However, we continue our walk up to the Circus.

And of course, we wouldn't want to miss visiting the Cresent. If you have watched the Duchess, you'll remember this scenery from the movie where the were playing Polo on horses.

Starfishing away!

And trying to look like a complete fool .. but the ground was ... ooh ... so comfy.

Then, the three of us decided to have headshots. This is the outcome. Not bad eh?

And of course, a doze before we head back to London. Bath is truly amazing. If you're anywhere near Bath, please take the time to visit. You'll fall in love with the city instantly.

London Part 2

Arrival at our lovely apartment.
Home sweet home!

Yay! We're in London!

Taking the tube to the West end.

So, what we're we watching that night?


Malaysian Hospitality

Flight MH004 on 18th May 2009
Kuala Lumpur to London
Departure: 1005
Arrival: 1615
Flying time : 13hours 10 minutes.

Camwhoring with the Inflight Supervisor (cool dude!!)
If someone remember's his name, please holler. Thanks.

Me and Khairi at my seat in First Class.
Truly luxurious.
Seat 2A.

Photo opportunity with the Chief Steward.
(Tak ingat gak nama dia.)

Of course ... Khairi and me.