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Thursday, July 03, 2008



What one is offered in Singapore Airlines' SUITES. The usual price tag for this class of service costs
around 20% more of its published First Class fares.

The Singapore Airlines A380 is configured with 471 seats in three classes: Economy, Business and the new Singapore Airlines Suites, a class beyond first.

The aircraft entered commercial service on Thursday 25 October 2007, with a special return flight between Singapore and Sydney. The majority of seats on that flight were sold at auction on eBay, the global online marketplace, and all of the proceeds from the auction are being split among charities in Singapore, Sydney and a global humanitarian organisation.

Then, on Sunday 28 October 2007, the A380 commenced scheduled service between Singapore and Sydney on one of the three daily flights in each direction.

The delivery of subsequent aircraft will allow for the introduction of the A380, also on one of the three daily flights between Singapore and London's Heathrow Airport from the first quarter of 2008.

During the last few years, Singapore Airlines has joined with Airbus, and other A380 customers, to work with the world's major airports to ensure they are A380-ready. The support of the airport communities has meant many airports, to which A380s will operate, are now ready.

Singapore's Changi Airport, is home to the Singapore Airlines A380 fleet, was the first to be ready, and when the new Terminal 3 opens early next year, 19 gates across the three terminals will be fully A380-ready, including having aerobridge access to both decks.

Singapore Airlines is particularly delighted to recognise the impressive operating capabilities of the A380, demonstrated since the aircraft's first flight in April 2005.

Fuel burn is considerably lower, on a seat-mile basis, than today's large aircraft. This offers operating airlines real efficiency benefits, while also mitigating the environmental impact of flying. Emissions per passengers are the lowest of any aircraft.

The A380's noise emissions prove that big aircraft are not necessarily noisier. New technology, new design, airframe construction and engines all aid in making the A380 the quietest large passenger jet ever built. Onboard, the cabin amenity is substantially improved, with significantly lower cabin noise throughout.

Travel in a new light, aboard the Singapore Airlines A380.

With the money that you are forking out, you will be pampered in your own private cabins onboard the aircraft. Amenities include your own personal reading light and entertainment system, a small wardrobe to hang your coats and jackets a service with more than just a smile :)

Here, you can see the bed being laid out complete with fresh bed sheet and full size pillows specially made by Givench for the airline.

Now, who says the romance of travel died?