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Saturday, February 11, 2006

tin whistling session

Hi and welcome back to my page. It's been a few days since I last updated my blog. I just didn't have the time to write anything as I was really tied up with work and all. However, since ot's the weekend tomorrow (Yippie!) and work ONLY starts again on Monday, I thought I'd use the time I have this weekend to write as much as I can.

So, what have I been up to lately? Nothing much although I have been practising my tin whistling. Next question ... what in God's name is a tin whistle. Apart from the fact that it's a souvenir I got for myself (ahhh ... ) on my recent work assignment in Dublin, Ireland (show off!) it's a slender musical instument made of light aluminium and looks almost like a recorder - the thinggy we used to play in standard 4, 5 and 6. The major differences are major. Firstly, a tin whistle comes in a certain key only. The one I am using comes in the key of D. The barrel is made of aluminium where as a recorder is made of plastic. When playing it, you also use almost all you fingers to cover the appropiate holes. Not with a tin whistle as it only comes with holes to make up the tunes. A tin whistle is usually named. Mine's called Feadog and Walton's. The ones from Feadog are actually made of brass and sounds sweeter. The ones Walton makes are called The Little Black Whistle. Heard or seen of ot before? Well, one clue - The Corrs. Ring a bell? No? It's the EXACT tin whistle that the gorgeous Andrea Corr plays. The sound's a bit airy and it might take you some time to get used to it but it's lighter than the brass whistle and hey, the corrs use it :) The tin whistle can play happy cheerful Irish jigs and tunes and on the opposite, it can also play eerie haunting tunes. Weird eh?

So, the sheet music I posted above is actually a part of The Corrs new album "Home" I bought in Ireland, just for the sake of having it made Irish! So, Spancill Hill is actually an Irish folk song and the lyrics are nice. It also has a melancholic type of music. I am so hooked on to the song. Here, check out the lyrics:

Artist: The corrs
Song: Spancill Hill
Album: Home

last night as i lay dreaming of pleasant days gone by
my mind being bent on rambling to ireland i did fly
i stepped on board a vision and followed with the wind
till next i came to anchor at the cross near spancill hill

t'was on the 23rd june the day before the fair
when lreland's sons and daughters and friends assembled there
the young ,the old, the brave, the bold came their duty to fill
at the parish church at cluney just a mile from spancill hill

i went to see my neighbors to hear what they might say
the old ones were all dead and gone the young one's turning grey
i met the tailor quigley, he's bold as ever still
sure he used to mend my britches when i lived at spancill hill

i paid a flying visit to my first and only love
she's fair as any lily and gentle as a dove
she threw her arms around me saying "johnny i love you still"
she was meg the farmers daughter and the pride of spancill hill
she was meg the farmers daughter and the pride of spancill hill

Then comes Sharon's violin, Jim's guitar, Caroline's bodhran and finally the chirping of Andrea's tin whistle. It's played really fast and I'm training my fingers to play it as quickly as Andrea. It may look simple but it ain't! I thought it was as easy as the recorder but I was wrong.

So, what Corrs tune do I play?

1. Only When I Sleep
2. Dreams
3. Humdrum
4. Rebel Heart
5. Lough Erin Shore
6. Spancill Hill
7. And I'm practising Haste to the Wedding and Toss the Feathers.

Well, that's a wrap for tonite. I hope to have more news for you tomorrow ok. In the meanwhile, take care and have a good one :)