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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kids Day Out

On being very lucky to babysit my nieces, I had to make sure they wouldn't cry ... so I took them to the park to fly a kite on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the playground had more appeal!

Then today, we didn't go fly kites but went around on my Moto Kapchai. Boy, how the girls enjoyed it!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Malaysia Airlines have done it again

True Malaysian Hospitality ... keep up the MH brand

Malaysia Airlines has been named winner of the 2009 World's Best Cabin Staff award, in another closely fought contest during the World Airline Survey

"This is a quite remarkable achievement by Malaysia Airlines" said Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax, "because it is the 6th time in the past decade that this prestigious accolade has been won by the airline. This is the world's largest and most respected Award to recognise Cabin Staff Service Excellence, and is a clear benchmark for the highest quality of staff onboard service".

Malaysia Airlines CEO, Idris Jala, was delighted and proud of his cabin crew, stating that "they have showcased Malaysian hospitality at its best, treating our customers as valued guests in our own home".

"The SKYTRAX Cabin Staff survey is based around asking customers to nominate their favourite airline based upon the complete quality of their onboard experience. This is more than just serving meals or tending to customer needs, since the survey assesses the all important soft-service elements of an average passenger experience. The friendliness, enthusiasm and sincerity of staff service are clear differentiators when we examine airline performance. Consistency of service remains another critical feature, since it is this which drives future purchase and loyalty decisions amongst customers" said Plaisted.

Asiana Airlines (the 2008 winner) maintained a very strong performance taking runner up spot this year, with Thai Airways moving up into 3rd place, with Singapore Airlines in 4th and Cathay Pacific Airways in 5th position.


Sydney City Zoo

Me holding a Blue Tongued Skink ... his name is Bluey :)

Umm ... was some kind of lizard thinggy. Wasn't sure what it's called.

You don't leave Australia without taking a snapshot of this cutey ...
the famed Koala Bears!

Aha ... the mascot of the Down Under. Who's cuter?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Blast From the Past

As I was cleaning out my drawer in my room today, I came across these pictures. He he .. made me smile a bit. Gosh .. I looked different and young. I scanned them immediately and here they are.

I still remember this day .. well, not exactly but I do remember it being taken in 1985.
Back then, I was 9 years old. I was in Grade 3 and the name of my
school was Queen Elizabeth Public School in Ottawa, Canada.
I also remember my homeroom teacher Ms. Benedict combing my hair and fashioning it
the way you see in the picture. It was messy hair picture for me that year.


This one was taken the year after. In 1986. Grade 4 with Mrs. Wood. She was the prettiest
teacher in school that time and boy was I lucky to have her as my homeroom
teacher. Unfortunately, one of the teachers moved out of the school and we were one teacher short. And because of that, we were all moved back to our classes the year
before ... not that we were put back one grade lower. We just had to share classes
with the younger kids. So, this picture was, again, with Ms. Benedict.

Finally, 5th grade! Mrs. Wood's class again. This was taken in 1987. Umm .. later that
year, we had to move back to Malaysia ... and that was like one of the
biggest turn in my life. That's what you get when you're
in a family with a Dad that travels for work. I made my 5th grade the best
it was. Joined the school patrols for the third year straight, joined the Soccer
team, played Baseball, Volleyball and Floor Hockey.