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Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday ... how I hate Mondays. I must have inherited the positive attitude from Garfield. Not that I like eating lasagne nor am I orang and stripey all over, it's just that we both are ..






that's me !!!

I am what I am and no one can change me for that although many people have tried as they were uneasy with the fact that I speak my mind to the fullest, i speak uninsured and that every 5th work that I utter is either a curse or a swearing word. Whoa ... education must have taught me really well. Aren't I proud of myself? Like I said earlier, I am what I am.

Back to Monday. I started work only to find out that there was a Management Meeting today ... shit!!! of all the days why Monday. I didn't know what to feel anymore. So, pusing aside the mandatory Nasi Lemak and Chicken sambal, I dragged my feet into the meeting room to tell myself that there is a meeting and I must at least survive this. Apparently, I was suppose to have another meeting the same afternoon but was postponed due to some reasons I truly thanked God for.

I survived the day though. went back home and decided to take a spin around the village. Why, I was actually disturbed today. 4 of my best friends actually retaliated against me for something I've done that I think is meager. I won't tell you what it is but is it fair for 4 of your friend to speak about you behind your back and convince theirselves that I'm such a horrible prik. I mean I know I'm not the best in nature but these 4 girls were always there by myside during good and bad times. Not to mention when I was their shoulder to cry on at times.

The saddest part was the fact that things I have joked about taken seriously and all of the days, they had to bring ot out on me today, Hooray ... great job girls. I must say that I've been deeply hurt andnot to mention the times when I was working for them and tried to cover their asses at work and their appreciation were sometimes by getting angry at me.

It's ok. I'm a grown person and i can take care of myself. I don't really mind tht my so-called chums are like this. They've taught me to be a tad careful with people around me. So moral of the day ... don't trust anyone around you unless you've vowed to each other to do so.

Thanks girls, you've lighten up my day today.