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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flight Lesson 1: How to fly a Boeing 747-400 (Brief description)

1.You begin by making sure the plane is fully loaded with fuel, all the cargo has been put into the belly of the plane, passengers and crew (obviously) have boarded and all exits securely locked.

2. Turn on your anti-collision, navigation and any lights needed according to the time of the day. At the same time request clearance to taxi from the control tower.

3. Once you have received clearance, start pushback and ignite engines one by one. when all engines are running and your taxi way is clear of all ground equiptment and staff, you may begin taxing to the runway. But before that, set flaps to position 4 or around 20 degrees for takeoff. bear in mind that the usage of flaps are always determined by the weight of the aircraft and the weather condition.

4. Taxi at around 20 knots until you reached your approved departure runway. Upon approaching, request clearance from the control tower once again for permission to depart. When clear, line up on the runway.

5. Instruct cabin crew to be seated at their stations. Start by spooling the engines to around 60% of N1. Once all 4 engines are stable, increase thrust to around 98% of N1. At around 140 knots, you have reached V1. This is the decision point to whether or not you'll continue flying or abort take off. At about 152 knots, you have reached V2, YOU MUST ROTATE!

6. Climb at a comfortable rate of 2200ft/min. At about 175 knots, start retracting the flaps to 15 degrees. Continue climbing and adding speed. At around 220 knots, retract flaps to 5 degrees. Reduce thrust to about 80% of N1 once you have reached 250 knots and fully retract flaps. You are now flying at around 250 knots/ hour under 10000 feet. This is DCA requirement. DO NOT OVERSPEED or your clearance may be revoked.


My attempt to being Next Top Model

Attempt Numero Uno:
After much hesitation and laughing, Khairi almost gave up.

The end Result!

The Story


It was a memory I can’t erase
Like a dream come true from out of the night
When I first saw you our eyes met face to face
I knew right then and there that it would be right

Just when I thought I was over love
Baby you stepped right into my life
Will we be lovers or just the best of friends
Or will the story just come to an end

Was I just a victim of circumstance
Or just a fool who fell too quickly in love
But when I saw you, there was someone else
And I knew that I could not
Could not be - not be second best
No, no,no,no, no

Chapter 1
Momma told me when a boy meets girl

Chapter 2
That you see rainbows, stars shining in your world

Chapter 3
But when it’s over the writing’s on the wall

Don’t you keep cryin’ no, no
Just keep on
Just keep moving on

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hong Kong and Disney

Yes, it was raining all day long but what the heck!

The Hong Kong Skyline ... simply breathtaking amidst the dark clouds.

Khairi, Qayyum and Iman

Disney, here we come!

M - I - C - K - E - Y MOUSE

When there's Mickey, there's always Minnie!

And not to forget ... Pooh.

Faikay ... Where Art Thou?

Whoa! It's been forever since I last entered anything into this site of mine and a few of my friends are getting quite bored reading the same ol stuff over and over again. The main reason I do not get to blog much these days is due to the fact that my Internet Connection sux big time and we've been switching from operator to operator but nothing seems to work like the way people want their broadband to perform.

It's the end of November and in no time, the new year will greet us all. My resolution ... do I really need one ... well, is to lose a few extra pounds over the month. Am seeing a dietician now and she's (supposedly) teaching me how to eat and live well (?) and I'm supposed to see her again next month and am expected to shed a few pounds by then. Is it working? Don't think so.

Was also in Guam last January ( he he he ) and got pictures taken but diodn't post anyone of them yet. Guam was wonderful. Umm ... it's part of the US but you do not need a valid US visa to enter if your intention is tourism ... and not to exceed 15 days. It's not that far away from Malaysia, in fact the distance is a bit further than the Philippines but we had to do a whole detour to get there ... and thanks to Mileage Plus for the fantastic flight with Singapore Airlines. Just love that airline. Does miracle for you! So the routing was like KBR - KUL - SIN - KIX - GUM - KIX - SIN - PEN - KBR.

Went to HKG last June with my siblings, nephew and niece too. Was there for a week and went to Disneyland. Had a great time although mother nature wasn't so kind enough to give us sunshine all week long. Oh well, you don't go to HKG everyday and certainly not to Disneyland as and when you please.

Hospitalised a few times too this year. Was in HKL for stone blasting and sleep apnea. Yep, sleeping disorder. Just can't get enough of those zzzzzzzss at night. Thought it was a mild situation, indeed it wasn'r. Doc Fauzana (from IPR ... you're a great Doctor) said that I don't have enough saturated O2 in my blood. That's why I'm just so sleepy all the time and it'll affect my heart at a later stage. So am gonna get the fixed too. have a few pics when I was in for a sleep study. Will post them here in a bit.

Phew ... that was brief and does tell almost everything about me these past few months ( did I mention I drive now? And own a Gen 2 ;-) ). Will keep y'all posted in the next coming hours and days. I the meanwhile, take care and see a doc if you're not getting enough sleep at nite.