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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

London in Memory (18th - 22 May)

London .. london .. london
It's just a wonderful place to be. Everyone loves London.
And so do we :)

This are some pics of the trip to Europe this year. First up ... LONDON

What's this? The infamous Underground sign leading to the subway.

And of course ... there is always time for camwhoring no matter where you are.
On thing i noticed about the trains ... the colour of the railings inside actually
matches the colour of the line you're travelling. Say in this pic, it's kinda bluish - this
is the Picadilly Line.

Another snap in the Underground. Moving and moving fast under the
streets of London.

Umm ... freezing but though it was a nice Kodak moment. Taken at
Trafalgar Square minus the pigeons.

The next day ... first stop - Tower Hill.

London isn't London without its iconic Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge taken from Tower Hill. So many TOWERS in London eh?

Oh oh .. caught in a moment.

The small side streets in London near Tower Bridge. Kinda reminds me
of an old Blur song going ...
Cabbie has his mind on a fare to the sun
He works nights but its not much fun
Picks up the london yo-yos
All on their own down soho
Take me home
Other people wouldnt like to hear you
If you said
That these are the best days
Of our lives
Other people turn around and laugh at you
If you said
That these are the best days
Of our lives

And then, there's the shopping ... oowh ... lotsa lotsa shopping

In front of the neon lights in London's Picadilly Circus. Lotsa
people there too at night.

Well, boys wanna have some fun too albeit in front of the
Buckingham Palace.

The gates of the palace. Obviously closed. Open to the public in June.

Strike a pose before the sun sets. If I'm not mistaken, the time
when this pic was taken was about 8pm.

And as we were about to leave, the polie came and blocked traffic
all around. Waiting in anticipation, we caught a glimpse of Charles in his car
(the one behind the motor bike) but was too excited to snap a photo. Damn!!!!]

Wellington arch ... not far from the palace.

Then walked to Harrods for more cam sessions.

The view at sunset. Just magnificient. Didn't manage to go in
as it closed at 8pm and we arrived there just after.

And took the train to see Big Ben. Lovely at night.

We rented a car for the excursions out of London - namely
Bath, Paris, Brussels, Ieper, Brugge and London again.

Last day in London at out rented apartment. Thanks Michelle for
letting us stay there. We'll be back soon.